When it comes to creating a unique interior design for your home, “One of the perennials in this market is plain textured wallcoverings, said Resene, who also reminded us that: “William Morris, one of the founding fathers of 19th century wallpaper design,” said “Whatever you have in your rooms, think first of the walls: for they are that which makes your house and home.” (We agree.) “They provide the ideal vehicle for dressing your walls.”

Think of the walls as the framework not just of your space, but also of its design. It’s an opportunity to establish a baseline, set a color palette, add in some texture. And beyond painting them in a color that complements – or contrasts – the rest of the décor, creating a feature wall can take a space’s allure up a level.

“Changing the look of one wall livens up the entire room,” said Yahoo. “In the past, paint and wallpaper were the only options. Today, a myriad of décor possibilities exist. To start with, pick a single wall to accent. Doing too much overwhelms the room.”

Using wallpaper

Wallpaper has been trending for several years, and is still one of the best ways to transform a space. “Cover a wall with a large, bold design or select something more delicate and add two or three stripes in the center of a painted wall,” said Yahoo. “Attractive papers, not the tiny flowers and checks of yesteryear, currently flood hardware and wallpaper stores.”

The Creativity Exchange
Temporary wallpaper

If wallpaper is too much of a style commitment, try a temporary version. We’ve talked about temporary wallpaper a bunch, and we’ll continue to, because it’s a) cheap; b) easy to use; and c) well, it’s temporary! For those of us with design ADD (guilty!), temporary wallpaper is ideal. Graphic pattern today, slick stripes tomorrow, romantic floral next week!

Add some texture

Rustic wood planks have been a top trend for a few years, but a wide array of textures can give a space dimension and style. Try “leather, vinyl, hemp, crocodile skin, Mother-of-Pearl or suede,” said Yahoo. Or get creative with an unconventional material that speaks to you. Something like recycled wine barrels, perhaps.

Get stoned

Don’t just deck out that fireplace with stacked stone—do a whole wall. Afraid of using the real thing? Manufactured stone can look just like the real thing, and the products are lighter, more economical, and easier to lay down.

Not all textures have to be natural(ish). These 3D wall panels match “table lamp shade and chair upholstery fabric with floral design,” said Lushome.

Create definition

Wide-open floorplans can sometimes be so open that it makes it hard to define spaces. Covering the walls in architectural elements like bookcases is not only useful for, you know, holding your stuff, but creates the framework for a separate library or lounge space.

Sometimes it’s not about what you add, but what you take away. The cutouts in this dividing wall bring in light and create interest.

Create an art piece

Who says you have to paint the whole wall? This watercolor treatment is unique and creates a soothing feel. Plus, it’ll be easy to paint over when you’re onto the next trend.